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Full disclosure: Nearly a year ago I showed up to work and my Facebook and Twitter feeds were on fire with news of a Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign. I was surprised to say the least. But very excited. Being a lover of good television I had to donate to the cause. So I gave $10 to the campaign and later asked for forgiveness rather than permission from my wife.

With that admission out of the way let me get to the movie. I saw it over the weekend on the big screen. I could’ve watched it earlier on demand, but I paid to have this thing made, I was going to see it on as big of a screen as possible.

The movie has been reviewed and dissected ad nauseum, so I won’t go over the plot, except to say it felt like a Veronica Mars season long mystery wrapped into a two hour movie. I quite liked it. I’d give it 3 stars or a B+. It made me wish that their next effort might be a limited series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Two hours is fun, but I’d love to see the characters on a weekly basis where we can delve deeper into their lives now that they are grown ups. A movie just doesn’t allow enough time to get inside the head of anyone other than Veronica.

The cast is great and they re-inhabit (is that a word) these characters as if they never stopped playing them. Kristen Bell was wonderful as Veronica. Her relationship with her father really is the best part of the movie, as it was on the TV show. Enrico Colantoni plays such a believable, loving dad, I wish I could send him to other TV lands where he could be a good father to the many characters with awful dads (anyone on Lost).

The supporters are also fun. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Wallace, Piz and Mac. The cameos were cool. I won’t ruin any surprises. And I was very glad they incorporated the Dandy Warhols theme song in the movie and during the closing credits.

I thought the movie was suspenseful and the mystery intriguing. The dialogue was what we’ve come to expect from the very talented Rob Thomas. Not too many complaints.

I guess the reason I didn’t give the movie an A is because the story didn’t feel big enough to justify a movie. And I don’t know how they fix that problem. The mysteries that worked best for Veronica on the TV show were the ones that meant most to her personally. So Veronica’s never going to be Olivia Pope getting to the bottom of national scandals, she’s going to solve crimes that help her friends and family.

So there are my two cents.  Now let’s get to Kickstarting the next Serenity movie. We only need to raise $40 million.


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