Trailerpark Thursday? – Mission: Impossible, Transporter Refueled

Tom Cruie Mission Impossible Rogue NationSo, it’s Thursday, not Tuesday. We know, but sometimes sick happens.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Tim – I love the Mission: Impossible franchise. The first film was a cool twisty-turny movie with more double crosses than just about any movie I’ve ever seen. The second came along and totally changed the formula, turning the property into an over-the-top thrill ride. It’s definitely the least popular of the movies, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. But it was the third and fourth films, done by J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird respectively, that really mixed the story heavy spy games and the mind-blowing action into something spectacular. So I’m insanely excited for this movie. They’re just fun to watch. And I can look past Tom Cruise’s craziness and see that he’s the perfect Ethan Hunt. Did you see him hanging off of that plane?! So cool. Also, the idea of these superspies battling other superspies is pretty great.

Trevor – I’ve enjoyed the Mission: Impossible franchise. The most epic scene from memory is the Ghost Protocol scene in Dubai where he’s running along the outside of the building hanging from webbing and does a monster jump and nearly misses the window. So epic. This trailer looks awesome as well, and I’m excited to see Simon Pegg get some funny lines that he’s so good at. I’m in, this show looks great.

Transport Refueled

Tim – The original Transporter movies were pretty cool. Why? Jason freaking Statham, that’s why. The premise is thin, but the action was cool and it made him a star. I see this new reboot, though, and I think, “Why?” Do we need a reboot this soon? And who is this new pretender to the throne? The action looks cool enough, so I’ll probably rent it. Who knows… maybe this new guy really can be the next Jason Statham. But those are big shoes to fill.

Trevor – Jason Statham MADE the Transporter franchise. So now that there will be a Transporter flick without him? I’m not sure what to think. The Transporter franchise brought car chase scenes to a whole new level. In my mind, they’re unparalleled for intensity. The fight sequences are always brutally precise. I can’t tell from this trailer if that will continue, but out of devotion to the previous movies, I’ll be watching this one quietly hoping.