Trailerpark Tuesday- Age of Ultron, Insidious 3, Halo: Nightfall

Age of UltronAvengers: Age of Ultron

Tim – We talked about this trailer in detail on our last podcast (listen here). My goodness, what an awesome trailer. I was excited for the next Avengers before, but now my level of anticipation is through the roof. There’s a really creepy tone to this trailer, and while I’m sure the whole movie won’t feel like this, it was interesting to see after the humorous, adventure style of the first Avengers movie. James Spader is awesome as Ultron, and the Pinocchio song that they used for this trailer was perfect. Well done, Marvel. Well done.

Trevor – I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this show. What a cool trailer. I hope you caught tonight’s episode of Agent’s of SHIELD. This trailer debuted there on TV, but had the clip before it that was shown at SDCC. I’m very excited to see where this goes. It looks like there will be some real conflict between the Avengers this round, which will be fun to watch and see how they get torn apart and then pull themselves back together……. or will they?

Insidious: Chapter 3

Tim – Insidious was actually a pretty good modern horror film. This one seems to be more of a prequel, and I’ll miss seeing Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. But the trailer is pretty effective. Not necessarily scary, but unsettling. The moment after the girl is knocking on the wall and then gets the text that her friend isn’t the one knocking back gave me the chills. Once they start showing monsters, I’m not as interested. But the IDEA, or the unseen element, of something nefarious works pretty well.

Trevor – Yeah, I have to go with Tim on this one. Quite creepy all up until she gets the text from her friend. Which you are already guessing is from her neighbor that isn’t home. This trailer gets pretty predictable at that point, going for cheap scares. This would be a fun movie to watch though on the bottom row lookup up at the audience. Want a cheap thrill, this might be for you.

Halo: Nightfall

Tim – To my knowledge, Halo: Nightfall will only be available (at least initially) on XBOX One through the Halo Channel or the Master Chief Collection. I hope to be able to see this someday. Halo: Forward Unto Dawn was a cool web series. It didn’t have the best production quality in the world, but it was still pretty good, all things considered. This looks similar, but with perhaps a bigger budget. I love the Halo universe. I’m the guy who loved the single player campaign and barely touched the multiplayer. So I’d like to see more stories in this world. And once that music starts playing about halfway through the trailer, I was sold. Nostalgia took over all reason, and I was in.

Trevor – What is maybe not obvious from this trailer is that the trailer is for a TV series. Of all the games I’ve played as an adult, Halo is probably top of the list. Not because it’s my favorite, but because of the epic multi-player battles that you can have. I’m excited to see where this goes and am curious to see how the platform release goes as well. Viewership seems like it will be pretty small if it’s really only coming out for XBOX One owners.