Trailerpark Tuesday – Agent Carter

Agent Carter ImageTonight is the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter, a spinoff series of both Agents of Shield and the Captain America movies. The show features Peggy Carter as a secret agent alongside Howard Stark (father of Tony Stark) and it will be set during 1940s New York. The first season is expected to run for eight episodes. Check out future episodes of our Whatever Makes You Weird podcast for our thoughts on the show once it’s aired. In the meantime, here are our thoughts on the previews so far.

Tim – I’m still trying to decide if I care about this show. Marvel does quality work, but the period piece stuff doesn’t interest me as much. Especially the 1940s. For example, I thought the first Captain America was just OK. The second one, however, was amazing! I do like that we’re seeing the origins of the Stark corporation, Howard Stark’s genius, JARVIS, and maybe the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. I also like that the show is supposed to only be eight episodes this first season, and should tell one cohesive story rather than one-off episodes each week. I’ll give it a chance.

Trevor – I’m interested in the Howard Stark character and Jarvis. I couldn’t care less about the Peggy Carter character…. so far. I’ll give this a try because it’s Marvel and I’m a loyal fan, but I’m not really that interested. Hopefully it’s better than the fight sequence at the end of this trailer. Whew. I guess we’ll see how it goes later tonight! I’m excited to see if it’s awesome or not.