Trailerpark Tuesday – Ant-Man, Avengers, Lazarus Effect

Ant-Man PosterAnt-Man

Trevor – I agree with Cortney from our podcast episode (Whatever Makes You Weird). The score leaves a LOT to be desired. It’s Marvel and I’m in, but I kept getting distracted the whole time I was watching it thinking about the Mighty Ducks. I’ll bet it’s great, I just can’t wait to see something that confirms it.

Tim – Marvel movies have been fantastic, and I think that this movie will be good. Personally, I have no connection to Ant-Man and have a hard time understanding how he uses his powers for anything cool. But I have faith that they’re going to show me something great. HOWEVER, the trailer didn’t work for me. It’s too serious and somber for the tone that I think the movie is going to have. You don’t cast Paul Rudd in a dark, epic movie. Having not seen the movie, I’m expecting something more along than lines of Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man. Fun, but with consequences. There are a few fan-made trailers out there that change the tone a bit, and I tend to like them more. Here’s one of my favorites:

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Trevor – It looks gritty and like it doesn’t have a happy ending. This is going to mean crazy things for the franchise. They’re gearing up for some cool stuff and I can’t wait. They’re still sticking with the “There are no strings” song slowed down even more, you almost can’t even tell. I’m a little mad at Thor though. How dare he put his hands around Tony Stark’s throat! I’m going to punch you in the… wait, nevermind. I didn’t say anything. 

Tim – Now this is a dark Marvel movie. My goodness, this movie is going to crush us all. I’m so excited, but so afraid of what it’s going to bring to the Marvel universe. What if people die!? And the Hulkbuster suit and Hulk scenes will never get old.

The Lazarus Effect

Trevor – If you’ve been following along, you know this type of show isn’t my cup of tea. I am a big Olivia Wilde fan and the show certainly looks to be riding along what an actual reality could be… until it gets messed up. I could maybe go for this and I find myself a little surprised saying that. It looks creepy, but maybe in a way that I can handle. Maybe it’s curiosity getting the better of me here, but I bet I watch this one.

Tim – I love creepy movies, but for every good horror film, there are about fifty bad ones. I think that this one has potential. Olivia Wilde is great, and while she’s stunningly beautiful, I also think she’s incredibly intimidating. Maybe it’s those eyes that can see through you all the way to your lies. So when the “turn” comes and she’s goes into psycho mode, I was on board. I hope that this one is great.

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