Trailerpark Tuesday – Batman: Arkham Knight, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Just Cause 3



Batman: Arkham Knight


Tim – This is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2015. This will be the 4th Arkham game, but only the third (and probably final) game by Rocksteady. The story in this games is always cool and they find a way to utilize a lot of the villains without it feeling overblown. But it’s really the gameplay that defines this series. Rocksteady has perfected the action brawler and several games, like Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max, have adopted the brilliant fighting mechanic. Also, the exploration is very Metroidvania-like. So if this game were just another Arkham game in the vein of Asylum or City, I’d be happy enough. But they’re adding quite a bit. The Batmobile is drivable in the open world and plays a big part in exploration and combat. And now this trailer shows the hero-switching mechanic where we can switch between Batman and some of his allies like Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing. The game was delayed from late last year, but the wait is looking like it’ll be worth it.


Nate – This game looks awesome! I got into the whole Arkham series with origins (lame I know), but since then I have been really impressed with the quality of these games. I love the added characters, and the gameplay seems to be just as solid. The story seems to have bigger stakes, and it is a lot darker of a game compared to the others. But that could just be me. The Batmobile looks like a ton of fun! Blowing things up for no reason is definitely going to be part of my agenda. I’m really looking forward to this game.


Trevor – Confession time. Life has gotten in the way and I’m a few years out of date in the whole video gaming scene. That being said, I’m right on the verge of re-entering so a Trailerpark Tuesday dedicated to some upcoming games is perfect timing for me. As for Arkham Knight? The trailer is looking sweet and character development also looks rad. The thing that frustrates me about trailers like this is that while action-packed and awesome they do little to show what the game play will be like. That will come I’m sure, so I’m guessing this one will be sick.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


Tim – I’m not much a multiplayer guy, so COD has never been a big series for me. I played Modern Warfare 2 & 3, but only for the single player, and those were pretty good. Ridiculous, but pretty good. The vibe of this one looks pretty cool, though. They’ve taken the future elements from Black Ops 2 and ran with it, which is smart considering the success of Advanced Warfare last year. Nothing here makes me feel differently about multiplayer, but I’m interested in the single player. It has a ‘Crysis’ feel to it with the crazy future tech.


Nate – I am a huge fan of CoD, especially the Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare, and the Blops series, seeing this trailer got me really excited for the game. I love the whole “terminator” idea, where technology turns against man after man pushes too far. The gameplay of Black Ops has always been fun, even if it’s campaign or multiplayer. Even though this trailer seemed to be either all or mostly campaign gameplay, it still looks like a blast. It also seems that they took note of Titanfall and Advanced Warfare’s gameplay mechanics, making Black Ops 3 a little different. But of course I have my concerns, I would like to see a jump in gameplay like Advanced Warfare had. I’m not too sure if a little different can make it stand out above the rest. But overall I am hopeful for this CoD.


Trevor – I’m loving the tone of this trailer. The music is awesome and does a great job of showing how much fun playing this game is really going to be. I love the Call of Duty franchise so this one is a fun watch for me. I love the gunfire to the beat of the drums! I’ll rewatch this just to listen to it a few times. The one gotcha on this is how sci-fy-ey we’re getting. The bow and swimming look pretty sweet. I’m in.

Just Cause 3


Tim – Just Cause 2 was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. I typically play games for story, but Just Cause’s story is so unimportant that I couldn’t tell you anything that happened. But the gameplay is incredible! It’s one of the best open world sandbox games out there. It’s guns and bombs and helicopters and hookshots on steroids. Clearing out an enemy base is so dynamic because there are limitless ways to do it. All of those things you see in this trailer for JC3 are things you’ll be able to do on the fly. It’s not just action created for a cutscene. I want more people to be aware of this series because it’s the ultimate action power trip.


Nate – I have never played any of the Just Cause games, nor have I ever really heard of them. With that being said, this game looks sweet! It looks like you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, for no reason at all. The wing suit looks like it could be very useful for blowing things up. I have no idea what the story is or if it even matters, but I can’t wait to see what other features this game offers. I want to get into the other two games just so I know how awesome this series is! This is a game where it just looks like the main point for the game is fun, which is becoming somewhat of a rarity nowadays.


Trevor – I am underwhelmed. I watched the trailer, formed my opinion, then read Tim and Nate’s comments. My initial impression is that these are all cut-scenes like Tim said they were not. So apparently they aren’t, which is really good for the game’s sake because the game looks pretty dumb otherwise. Based on this trailer alone, I don’t think I’m interested. But with Tim’s review, I’m tempted to at least try it and see. Maybe it’s substantially better than it looks, who knows. Maybe I’ll rent it on Redbox, I’ve never tried that before…