Trailerpark Tuesday – Fantastic Four, Poltergeist, Minions

Fantastic Four First ImageFantastic Four

Trevor – I’m not positive what I think about this one. I liked the last Fantastic Four movie and didn’t really think it needed a reboot. What I see looks good; it’s a teaser so I can’t expect too much. I’m sure it’s going to be good, but I’ll hold off making any final decisions until I see more…

Tim – Hmmm. Now, unlike Trevor, I DIDN’T like the other Fantastic Four movies. They were too cheesy and felt like a pre-Iron Man era superhero movie. A lot has changed with them and these movies are better at storytelling, casting, effects, directing,… pretty much everything. So I will withhold judgment for now, but the teaser wasn’t great. It didn’t have the same punch, whether emotional or cool, that the Marvel-proper movies have. We’ll see.


Trevor – Is this one supposed to be scary? If it was, I didn’t see it. I can’t see what this is offering that will bring me to the table. 

Tim – The original Poltergeist was a really fun movie and this one looks like it could be great, too. It wasn’t scary in a Texas Chainsaw or Saw kind of way. It’s the kind of scary like a haunted house where you’re hanging out with friends and being startled. This will be a fun theater movie. And c’mon… It’s Sam Raimi.


Trevor – LOL. Villain-Con? Awesome. This one looked funny from the previous trailers and this just goes to show more goodness will follow. My favorite part of this trailer was the male cosplayer cosplaying Scarlet Overkill. It was funny before, but now that it’s taking pot-shots at con-goers it’s personally funny. I’m in.

Tim – I’m sold. Villain-Con is an awesome idea, especially for a nerd who writes for a comic con website! The Minions are super funny, but I didn’t know if they needed their own movie. But the premise that they showed here with Scarlet Overkill hooked me. I will definitely see this as soon as it comes out. Maybe I’ll even take the kids. 😉