Trailerpark Tuesday – Frozen Fever, Insurgent, Last Knights


Trevor – Meh. I guess since Frozen has taken the world by storm, we may as well entice it’s fans to go watch Cinderella by offering this “gem”. The only way to see this short clip is by watching Cinderella. I wanted to see Cinderella, now I’m tempted to skip it to prove a point. You vote with your dollars and the part where Disney is manipulating it’s Frozen fans into shelling out another $10 each to see a few more minutes is a little low. Maybe I’m in a grumpy mood, but this doesn’t seem very nice.

Tim – Somebody give Trevor a hug. That man is having a bad day. I’m SUPER excited for this new Frozen short. I really liked Frozen, and my daughter thinks it’s the best thing since… anything ever. Other franchises, like Toy Story, have been handled really well as shorts before new Disney movies, so I have confidence that this one will be just as good. The concept looks fun, and I think it’s a perfect pairing with Cinderella. I think it’s a marketing move that benefits Disney AND the audience.


Trevor – I just watched this trailer four times and got a different message each time. I think it was difficult to sort out because of how many different characters spoke. This film is supposed to be epic. My concern with this trailer is that if you watch Tris’ facial expressions throughout the trailer you’ll see a fearful and timid Tris. Maybe twice do you see the strength of character and determination that Tris of the book shows, but only briefly. I’ll still support this show, but I’m starting to get a little nervous. I hope it’s just the trailer that I don’t care for.

Tim – I thought that the first Divergent movie was just OK. I enjoyed it well enough as a rental, but wouldn’t have paid to see it in theaters. It felt very “been there, done that”. Nothing about this trailer makes me feel any different. I’ll see it, and it will probably be fine. But I’m in no rush. To it’s credit, this trailer is much better than the previous Insurgent trailers. Most of those were filled with scenes that only happen in Tris’ mind, so they just had a goofy, unbelievable vibe out of context. At least this one shows some story. I think this series has a great cast, they’re just tied down with a played-out plot.

Last Knights

Trevor – This one could be ok. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that was based in the dark ages where the premise is the peasants get wise to the tyranny the king has placed them under and rise up to take it back. Seems like it could be cool. Obviously not exactly the dark ages, where we have a black Morgan Freeman as a major leader of some sort, but I’m curious about it now. That being said, the part where they’re referencing cancer and how to take care of it in a “period” film seems a little odd, but whatever I guess.

Tim – I was initially bored with this trailer. It seemed a little bland and low budget. One of those movies that releases straight to disc and VOD and nobody ever hears about it. But about halfway through, it caught my attention. I really like the medieval setting, but it was the infiltration elements that interested me. Seeing a relatively small band working their way into the castle seemed cool. It reminded me a little bit of a modern-day Navy Seals movie, particularly the scene where they rise up out of the water. I’ll probably check this one out and hope for the best.


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