Trailerpark Tuesday – Horns, SpongeBob, Into the Woods, Expendables 3


Trevor- I don’t know, this show looks weird. The premise is that everyone thinks he murdered his girlfriend, but he didn’t, but he grows horns so everyone is convinced for sure that he did? Then he starts embracing it? This is too far out there and doesn’t really have anything I care about in it. Daniel Radcliffe, maybe, but I don’t think I’ll ever end up watching this one…

Cortney- I think this looks cool. I’ve heard some decent buzz about this one. I’m intrigued. It seems to set up some interesting mysteries, both fantastical and real. It seems like Daniel’s character may be an Anti-Harry Potter, which could be interesting. If this one gets good reviews, I’m in.

Tim- This looks interesting. I respect Daniel Radcliffe for the choices he’s made in film and on the stage since Harry Potter. I think you have to be able to accept a certain level of art-house craziness to enjoy this film, but I think it’s something I’ll end up renting and watching with a few of my friends that enjoy a little absurdity.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Trevor- When they promo’d footage from this at SDCC, I thought that it had to be a joke. Just those guys making fun of us for liking superheroes. This trailer has more depth than the one they showed… and it looks silly. Just like a Spongebob Movie should be. If you’re into Spongebob, I bet you’ll love this show.

Cortney- I don’t really follow Spongebob. I don’t even know if they’re making new episodes or not, so this kind of came out of the blue. I know it has a massive following, and I’m sure the show is hilarious, but I just haven’t had the time to watch it. The trailer looks fine, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing this.

Tim- My boys will love this, but I’ve just never understood the whole SpongeBob thing. I’ve watched it and it’s fine, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. But it’s ALWAYS on Nickelodeon and still has such a huge audience,\ that I think it will do well with kids and twenty-somethings who want so goofy nostalgia.

Into the Woods

Trevor- As a trailer, I don’t think this one really showed anything super special. However, this show has a great cast. Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Merryl Streep? I’m excited to see the next trailer and will likely watch this film at some point. Redbox or Big Screen will depend on the next few trailers I see.

Cortney- I think it’s kind of crazy that they’re advertising this movie as if it’s not a musical. I haven’t seen the musical but I’ve heard it’s amazing. With this cast and with some catchy music, I’m on board. Plus you really can’t go wrong with Anna Kendrick, right?

Tim- Cortney hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s a musical! But did you know that from the trailer? No. Perhaps it’s some marketing plan to hook non-musical fans with the amazing cast and Disney-quality production. Then when they see another trailer later that reveals it’s hand as a musical, maybe they’ve already made the decision to see it. I think it will be great. And Anna Kendrick? Yes, please!

Expendables 3

Trevor- Meh, not the greatest trailer, but frankly I think that you were either already planning to see it or planning to pass. This is going to be another rendition of the same stuff. An all-star cast getting together in an action packed movie. If that’s your cup o tea, you should get your fill.

Cortney- Haven’t seen any of the previous Expendables. Maybe I’ll catch one on cable some time. I don’t have any ill feelings toward this franchise, it just hasn’t been a priority. This looks like more of the same, minus Bruce Willis. So I doubt I’ll see it in theaters.

Tim- Another “what if they took all the action heroes and put them in one movie” fanboy dream. The first two movies were really fun, even if there’s not a lot of depth there. It’s amazing how many of these guys (and couple girls) that they’ve crammed into these movies. I like watching them just for the over-the-top ridiculousness of the cast. So many cool action stars fighting all at once. Big, dumb fun.