Trailerpark Tuesday- Insurgent, Inside Out, San Andreas


Trevor – SPOILER ALERT: This trailer makes me think that they’re planning to diverge (get it) from the actual book storyline. There is no mysterious box that Jeanine is trying to understand in the books. This makes me think that they’re planning to introduce the outside world a little bit earlier and if they’re ok with that, then maybe they’re ok changing the highly unpopular ending of book 3 as well. I’m very much sold on this franchise already, so I’ll absolutely be seeing this day one, but I’m doing so with the expectation that it might not remain true to the book.

Tim – Meh. The first Divergent movie was acceptable to watch as a rental on a night where there was nothing else to do. It was OK at best. I’m not a hater of dystopian novels and movies, but this one just seemed played out. Lots of cliches. Lots of somber teens acting like they’re in a Twilight movie. My wife liked the books well enough, so maybe I’ll catch this one at Redbox when I’m bored to death.

Inside Out

Trevor – Looks like a cute show. I like how it has teams of emotions playing against each other, although if the emotions look the same in each person, isn’t it going to become confusing which is speaking?

Tim – I love this concept. Especially the fact that, although the emotions are the same in each character, they have personalities and physical traits that match each person. For example, Dad’s mustache. In the end, I think the story is going to center around the emotions in the little girl’s head. I trust Pixar, and I think this one’s going to be another favorite.

San Andreas

Trevor – Looks to be a show about a big peaceful earthquake. Oh it’ll probably be good, but I don’t enough to go by from this trailer. Looks like we’re going to copy the Avengers and slow down a popular song to make it more dramatic, but I don’t think it works for this trailer. So, what I think? I think this trailer is kind of awful but that the movie will be pretty good. Now you can listen to Tim dream about Dwayne Johnson….

Tim – Remember back in the 90’s when disaster movies were a thing? We don’t get as many these days. This one looks OK. I doubt I’ll run out and see it, but I do love Dwayne Johnson, and special effects have come a long way in the last 20 years. This seems like a fun “bring over a bunch of friends and watch it together” kind of movie.