Trailerpark Tuesday- Insurgent, Project Almanac, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Project AlmanacInsurgent

Trevor – This is a teaser, so it doesn’t really give much depth to what the show will really be like, but I like what I see. I’m excited to see Tris break out and go full-boar Dauntless. The scenes that we see do look really CGI but crazy action packed. Clearly since [Spoiler alert] her mother was killed in the last movie, this is a dream. But seeing Tris step it up several notches and really take the action sequences to a new level will be awesome. Can’t wait.

Tim – As a teaser, this doesn’t give us much. And as a dream sequence teaser, this gives us even less. I didn’t love the first Divergent movie, so I’m not expecting much from this one. This series is so formulaic, been-there-done-that dystopian stuff, but it’s worth a rental. It’ll take a lot more to get me excited about this sequel.

Project Almanac

Trevor – Ummmmm, not sure. It’s Michael Bay, so it’s likely to look very pretty and quite busy and likely to appeal to a young demographic. Don’t try to take this one too seriously and just get a bowl of popcorn and go along for the ride. It’s not going to be a mind-bendy time travel movie, but an ok way to burn a few hours if you’re willing to suspend reality and not think about it too much. I’ll Redbox this one when I’ve eliminated better choices.

Tim – I’m actually holding out a lot of hope for this one. It could be to time travel movies what Chronicle was for superhero movies. Chronicle was a really interesting look at what would likely happen if super powers were real. Project Almanac has the potential to show us the consequences of time travel, both large and small. The tone of the trailer really changes about halfway through and that darker half is what intrigues me the most. And, to be fair, it’s only produced by Michael Bay, not directed. I’ll most likely see this in the theater.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Trevor – The first Paul Blart movie wasn’t very memorable for me, so I doubt it’s sequel in a different context is going to do much either. That being said, if you want some slapstick comedy that your kids will laugh at that the whole family can enjoy, this is probably your show. I’ll watch this with the kids, likely fall asleep in the middle, and my kids will love it and have a great family memory. I’ll Redbox this one… or maybe dollar theater it if convenient.

Tim – I love Kevin James, but boy oh boy was the first Mall Cop movie dumb. This looks like something that should go straight to DVD. I love a good heist movie, but the emphasis is on the “good” part. Trevor has a good point, though. Families will eat this up because kids love to watch a big guy fall down.