Trailerpark Tuesday- Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2, Pan

Jurassic World LogoJurassic World

Trevor – On one hand, it looks very much like the same old song and dance. On the other hand, maybe it’s been long enough that we can handle another  romp through the jungle with dinosaurs. I’m just not sure about this one. 

Tim –  Jurassic Park came out more than 20 years ago, and this does seem to be telling the same story in many ways. I think it’s been long enough and I’m really excited for this movie. I loved that first movie and saw it again when it was rereleased in IMAX 3D a couple of years ago and it totally held up. If you think about it, the movie was really horror for a mainstream audience. I love dinosaurs, I love Chris Pratt, and that soundtrack is amazing. This is one of my most anticipated popcorn movies of next year.

Pitch Perfect 2

Trevor – This looks fun.  I think the most interesting thing about this trailer is how many guys at work were excited about it.  I probably talked to 8 guys that were stoked for this show, and maybe 1 girl. Who knew. I’m into show tunes and this kind of thing, especially where it’s funny at the same time. \

Tim – I love Pitch Perfect! That’s a little surprising to me since I hate acapella with the burning hatred of a thousand suns. But the movie was so funny, the cast is perfect, and they even made most of the songs enjoyable to watch. In fact, I’ve probably seen this movie more times than probably any other movie from the last ten years. I totally lump Pitch Perfect in with Mean Girls as important cultural movies of this generation, much like The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink were 20 years ago. I’m seeing this one on day one.


Trevor – A Peter Pan AND Captain Hook origin story. Hmmm. It looks well filmed, pretty and full of drama. Although, it looks a little gritty for my young children and doesn’t look to be a favorite of mine, I bet you a dollar I end up watching this one. 

Tim – I hadn’t heard much about this movie before the trailer aside from the fact that it was a Peter Pan origin story. But I think the trailer sold me. It looks to be well done and with enough twists to make it interesting. The James Hook reveal surprised me. And, c’mon, Hugh Jackman is great.