Trailerpark Tuesday – King of the Nerds, Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5This week, we’ve check out previews for a couple returning TV shows.

King of the Nerds

Trevor – This wasn’t even on my radar. I’ve never ever heard of it until now. It looks like it’s going to be super awkward. I really can’t tell what the “competition” is based on this trailer alone, but it looks geeky. I guess if I’m going to watch a reality show, I probably should watch this one. Then again, I said I was going to watch The Quest and never did. I guess the truth may be similar on this.. but I could see why if you had cable and were flipping through channels and came across this one would get stuck on it for a few minutes. I don’t pay for cable, so I would have to go out of my way to get it. Which I doubt I will, but I might try to find some clips on YouTube, it looks kind of funny.

Tim – Honestly, this show looks dumb in the way that most reality shows are dumb. That being said, that house looks frickin’ sweet. I want to go to there. Except maybe the bed pods. But it is a house worthy of nerds. My understanding is that the show takes extreme nerd stereotypes from all walks of geek life (cosplayers, gamers, bronies, “Jeopardy” champs, scientists, etc…) and puts them through the typical reality-show shenanigans in order to win money. I wouldn’t watch this on when it aired on TV, but I’d consider watching it on something like Netflix when I’m stuck at home sick or something.

The Walking Dead

Trevor – Ugh. Is this show still running? How are they going to end this show, the zombies win out, they cure the zombies? Bah, neither seem plausible. Just seems like an excuse to throw blood up on the screen. I won’t be watching this one.

Tim – Oh, Trevor. How sad for you. The Walking Dead is so great. Admittedly, there have been ups and downs, but the first half of season 5 was mostly ups. I didn’t love how we ended off in December, not because of what happened, but because the storyline in those last couple of episodes to get to that “what” moment felt wasted. But there was a lot of great stuff, and a huge reveal that basically made things more hopeless than ever. I don’t think that this is a show about killing all the zombies, or finding a cure, or even finding a true safe haven. I think it’s just about survival. So the show highlights the growth (or downfall) of it’s characters. It’s about the journey, not the destination. And this second half of season 2 appears to be all about finding hope when there seems to be none left. I still love you, Walking Dead!

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