Trailerpark Tuesday – Lots of Animation + Will Ferrell

Kung Fu Panda 3 logoKung Fu Panda 3

Tim – I really liked the first two Kung Fu Panda movies. The cast is great, and Jack Black is especially good as Po. There was a huge tease at the end of the second movie that pandas, who were presumed to be dead, were still out there and that the inevitable sequel would deal with Po finding his family. Ta da! It’s here. The fact that this movie comes out in January kind of makes me think that Dreamworks knows that this brand isn’t as strong as it once was, but I imagine it will be funny and cute, albeit not as original as the first movie.

Trevor – I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda, but it’s not one of those kid movies that I can sit with my kids and watch over and over. It started to drive me crazy after the first few times. This one looks similar. I’ll probably like it the first round, but I’ll bet my kids watch it on Netflix a million times.

Nate – This is a good example where the sequel doesn’t match with the original. The first Kung Fu Panda was awesome. And the second, while heartfelt, just didn’t do it for me. But I never count the dragon warrior down and out! So we’ll see.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Tim – The first Hotel Transylvania was probably Adam Sandler’s best movie in years. That’s not saying much, I guess, but it was surprisingly good. It took stereotypical monster tropes and made them very funny. But I think that the biggest reason it was good was that it had a heart. At it’s core, it was a daddy/daughter story that we can all relate to and understand. This sequel appears to be using the same blend of relatable family stories with goofy monster silliness. We’ll see this.

Trevor – Can you imagine being a vampire and having a kid that was a ginger? He’s got a full head of hair, I think his mother has to be Merida. How does that even work? The show looks cute, and although my wife isn’t a fan of the monster type movies, I may even be able to pull off watching this one with my kids. Looks like a fun watch.

Nate – The first one is one of my favorite animated movies, and I hope this is a good sequel to the series. Throughout many animated movies (or movies in general), the sequels don’t live up to the original. So I’m praying this isn’t the case. It looks funny and enjoyable, I’m excited for this movie nonetheless.

The Secret Life of Pets

Tim – The concept is very “Toy Story” but with animals. This teaser is a little funny but with very predictable jokes for each of the animals. So I kind of felt that it seemed more like a straight-to-DVD kind of thing. But it’s made by a great team, the same people that made Despicable Me, and the cast is outstanding. Look at all of those comedians! That gave me a lot more confidence in this movie. What we saw was really a teaser, but we haven’t yet seen any of the characters being voiced and don’t know what the story will actually be. I want to see more.

Trevor – This show appears to be everything that is obnoxious about owning a pet in a movie that you’re stuck watching. I can see how if you’re a big animal lover and you enjoy googling kittens that you might be into this kind of thing, but I am not. I will hopefully forget this movie ever existed in 2 minutes and hopefully never be reminded of it again (although I’m curious if using a Kitchen Aid mixer is a legitimate way to get a back rub).

Nate – I always wonder what my cats do when I leave them alone. So instead of setting up cameras or doing something crazy, I’ll just watch this movie! It looks hilarious and not to mention a good old fashion family movie. A lot of the times these movies try to overdo it with the comedy or the story, this one looks like a safe mix of the two. So let’s cross our fingers and hope it is.

Daddy’s Home

Tim – I just love Will Ferrell, but I think Mark Wahlberg has become pretty awesome, too. Did you see “The Other Guys”? It was a hilarious buddy cop movie with the two of them. I think that this movie will be funny. These guys play off each other well, especially when things start to escalate between the two of them.

Trevor – I love Will Ferrell; that guy can do no wrong. It’s weird seeing him in this role, but playing off of Mark Wahlberg, this show is going to be stupid… but I’m going to watch it, love it and laugh out loud every time he gets kicked in the nuts. I won’t be there opening night, but I’ll be there the Tuesday after 😉

Nate – Will Ferrell is on a current movie streak. He seems to be in just about everything! I enjoy his comedy style so I’m not complaining, and in this trailer he seems to do what he does best. He always takes the awkward dad, elf, cop part, and kills it. He just looks super awkward, and Marky Mark seems to just play off Will flawlessly. So I’m looking forward to this one just for the humor of Will and Mark.