Trailerpark Tuesday – Lucy, DawnOfApes, Godzilla

Comic Con Tips - Trailerpark 2

All the Comic Con Tips authors present their favorite trailers for this week. These include Lucy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Godzilla.





Tim – Interesting. I’m hoping this movie is more The Matrix and less Aeon Flux. I’ve said before that I love mind-bendy sci-fi movies, and I think that Scarlett Johansson gets better with each movie. There is a lot in the news right now about movies and video games and how they handle (or overuse) violence against women. So the premise of this movie, which has extreme violence against a woman but then gives her all the power, is intriguing. Definitely something that will merit some conversation.
Trevor – I don’t know very much about this show. I’ve seen the trailer a few times now though, and this is a must watch for me. Historically, I haven’t been Scarlett Johansson’s biggest fan.. but I’m thinking Tim’s right on this one. She seems to be getting better each installment I see. After this and Captain America, I may have to revisit my previous thoughts about her. I hope so, because I’m pretty sure Marvel is planning to do a Black Widow movie in the near future. AND this movie has Morgan Freeman?!? NICE!
Cortney – I thought I had an vague idea of what this movie was before I saw the trailer before Cap 2. But I must have been confusing it with “Under the Skin” because this caught me completely by surprised. I think this looks pretty sweet.I haven’t seen a ton of Luc Besson’s films but the one’s I’ve seen I’ve quite enjoyed particularly “The Professional.” So this is one sci-fi film that I’m definitely curious/cautiously excited about. Good job marketing team.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Tim – Horses! There are few things more unsettling than armed chimps on horses. The recent reboot of Planet of the Apes totally surprised me when it came out. I thought they did a great job, and the motion capture was amazing. So I’m definitely on board for this sequel. It seems to have a great balance between being its own thing and staying faithful to the original.

Trevor – I’m very excited to see this one. Until I saw it, I was a huge skeptic of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011. The originals were too corny for me to get very excited about. But I was enormously surprised by how much I liked it. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now. Then watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes when it comes out May 23rd. I am a little annoyed that I don’t see James Franco on the cast list. He did a really good job in the first one, but maybe declined this one. So I’m bummed about that.
Cortney – I enjoyed the first reboot film, but I haven’t gone back to rewatch it. So I’m curious about this one, but not frothing at the mouth. No major stars, but the cast is very good. Okay, sorry, I’m feeling a bit guilty. Gary Oldman is a major star to me, but I don’t know that he is to the general public. Either way he’s good. I like the director. I really liked “Let Me In” and “Cloverfield” so I’m optimistic that this may take the franchise up a notch, but I don’t feel at this point that I know enough about the plot to have a big opinion on this one.


Tim – A bunch of TV spots have started to hit for the Godzilla reboot. I have a hard time understanding a Godzilla movie in a post-Pacific Rim world. What was better than one giant monster? Tons of giant monsters! And mechs! But I love Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, and special effects have obviously come so far since the originals, or even since the 1998 version. I’ll give it a chance.
Trevor – They’ve been marketing Godzilla hard since last year’s SDCC. I’m not necessarily opposed to this. It could be good. I just don’t see this as much more than “oh look, there’s a big monster let’s shoot it.” It looks like they’re going to try and add depth to it by killing off Bryan Cranston’s wife. Such is life when a big monster shows up.
Cortney – Man this looks sweet. It’ll be interesting to see how important Bryan Cranston’s character is. I’m so used to seeing him either as a bad ass or a buffoon, that it might be an adjustment to see him as an everyman (or at least that’s how he appears to me in this trailer). If the movie can live up to the tone of this trailer, we’re going to have a very good May.


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