Trailerpark Tuesday – Minions, Chappie, Furious 7

Chappie PosterChappie

Trevor – For a movie like this to win, it’s going to need a LOT of heart. I can see that it’s trying to have a lot of heart, but it hasn’t kicked me in the feels yet. It seems to have the framework necessary, now it’s up to the director to win at filling in the gaps. 

Tim – I love robots. And I want to have a robot friend. Neil Blomkamp is a cool director and I really like District 9, so I’m hoping that this has some of that same magic. District 9 was a cool sci-fi movie with amazing special effects, but the story with a strong message was what sold me. I think (hope) that there will be lessons learned from this film. My fingers are crossed.


Trevor – I’m not 100% sure that what I’ve seen here can make a movie that stands on it’s own. The beginning clips introducing what the minions are all about was funny, but after that we only really see that the show will happen in New York. I’m not going to say no yet, but I will need to see more content before I’m sold.

Tim – Despicable Me was a pretty good movie, but the Minions were the best (and funniest) part. So it doesn’t surprise me that they’re getting their own movie, much like the Penguins of Madagascar. Kids are going to love it, but this trailer hasn’t sold me yet. It’s clearly a teaser that is barely letting us know anything about the real story. With a voice cast that includes Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm, you know the story is going to not just be about “Minions through the ages”. It’s going to be set in New York with a full cast of non-Minion characters. We just haven’t seen any of that yet. I’ll wait to see more before I pass judgment.

Furious 7

Trevor – Ok, yes it has Paul Walker in it and it’s really good to see him again briefly. That being said, I was fully prepared to say no way on this one. Even though I like that the bus they’re chasing is fighting back, adding a much needed twist to the typical MO, I was ready to write this one off and probably never end up seeing it, even on BluRay. Then entered Jason Statham and Kurt Russell and all of a sudden I’m back in. Even if the footage directly after their entrance starts looking a little on the dumb side. As of today, I’ll be watching this one, but that may change we’ll have to see.

Tim – Trevor kind of took the words right out of my mouth with this one. The Fast & Furious series is just big, dumb fun. But the keyword is fun. People love these movies because of how crazy they are. The stunts are spectacular. But at movie 7, it’s maybe losing steam. Then… in walks Jason Statham and all is well again! I’d switch teams for that guy, if you know what I mean. He just oozes cool. So, I guess I’m back in!