Trailerpark Tuesday – San Andreas, Beyond the Brick, Almost Anything

San Andreas FilmSan Andreas

Nate – I am excited for this movie! Yes, it is another “Day After Tomorrow” or “2012” but it looks well done. This looks like a go for the action, not the story, type of movie, and that’s all I am expecting it to be. I am a huge fan of The Rock and enjoy the movies he is in! It looks like these destruction scenes are going to be massive, I just hope that it doesn’t turn into a flop like “2012” did. There is a fine line in the end of the world type movies, and a lot of the ones that have seen made seem to cross it.

Tim – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is just such a cool guy. He can make any trailer look cool. Until Nate mentioned “2012”, I’d totally forgotten about that movie. I can get behind a disaster movie as ‘see it once in the theaters and then forget about it’ kind of thing. This movie will look great and will probably freak a lot of people out, especially if you live near the San Andreas fault line. But I hope this isn’t something that I just forget about immediately after. But let’s be honest… It probably will be. Did you see “The Impossible” with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor? Now that’s a disaster movie. It’s about a tsunami, but that happens in the first few minutes, and the movie is really about the after effects and survival. So good. That’s what I’d like to see more of in this genre- disaster movies with character development.

Trevor – Well this one looks like sunshine and rainbows. I can see this movie being really epic and moving. This is the one that I’m hoping it will land on, like Titanic. That compared to the type of movie like “2012” where it’s sequence after sequence of unrealistic events happening to save a single family. There is one scene in particular that just got me wondering in this trailer. The scene where the resulting Tsunami is racing towards land and there are literally 19 boats speeding toward the giant wave, while 3 turn away. What do you even do if you’re on the ocean and that thing is heading towards you? Woah.

Beyond the Brick: A Lego Brickumentary

Nate – This looks awesome! I am a huge fan of all things Lego and am excited to see what this “brickumentary” is all about! Sadly, I am not too familiar with Lego’s beginnings, or how it’s come to be so big in the world, but I am very excited to find all that information out! Lego affects us all, it’s in almost every big franchise, and is growing every year. It unlocks our imaginations and allows us to use basic motor skills while having fun! An ingenious invention that’s turned pop culture. Count me in for this one!

Tim – I’m in, too. I’ve always love Lego, and it’s become a colossal brand. So learning more about it in a documentary that seems to have a fun style to it sounds great. But there’s a side of me that also wants to watch just because I’m fascinated by the insane levels that some of the people that they’re featuring have reached. Spending six digit figures on Lego each year! Holy cow. It’s like watching those Hoarder shows or the ones where a grown woman drinks her own urine because she thinks it makes her healthy. Sometimes you just can’t look away.

Trevor – The guy that spends six figures annually on Lego? Seriously? There are starving kids out there, just sayin’. I can’t imagine there is anyone out there that hasn’t had fun with Legos at some point in their life. Every time I see something built out of Lego, I think, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool.’ Then I keep walking. I hope there are enough eccentric people showcased in this documentary that it stays entertaining instead of being dull. Who knows? Documentaries are pretty hit and miss on that one.

Almost Anything

Nate – This movie looks like a funny one. I am somewhat familiar with Simon Pegg’s movies. I enjoyed “Shaun of the Dead,” “Paul,” and “At World’s End” so I can see myself enjoying this one as well. I like that Robin Williams is in this movie; his voice acting is phenomenal. He brings so much personality and life to whatever role he is cast in. It’s a shame he is no longer with us. I am excited to see where the hilarity will ensue, or if Pegg will indeed save the world. He always takes these goofy roles and does wonders with them, but I think the critics are going to hate this movie. It seems like it will be a movie that’s just for the laughs, which is just A-okay with me.

Tim – I think that I’m one of the few Americans that really loved “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It was pretty absurdist British comedy, but I thought it was fantastic. A lot of things in this trailer reminded me of that movie, especially the aliens that are being voiced by the Monty Python cast. I think Simon Pegg is great, and it’ll be cool to hear Robin Williams again. There’s a good chance that this movie will be dumb, but as long as it’s EXTRA dumb, then that’s ok. With crazy, you need to go all in or not at all. There’s no in between.

Trevor – Ah, Simon Pegg. What a funny bloke. This show looks great! There are very few funny films coming out these days that aren’t either crazy dumb looking or dirty joke after dirty joke. There look to be a few in here, but overall good for some laughs. This seems like the type of film that lots of people will end up watching on Redbox. For me, I’ll try to watch this one in theaters. Not because it seems extra worthy, but because you vote with your dollars.. so I’ll be at the theater spending an abnormal amount of cash watching this to scream back at Hollywood that this is the kind of funny show I want to see more of.