Trailerpark Tuesday – Scorch Trials, Pan, Minions

The Scorch TrialsMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Nate – I never saw the first one… well, I saw a bit of the first one. I think this looks like a good movie! I want to watch the first Maze Runner so I know what’s going on! I have no idea what these books are about other than some crazy conspiracy, and a maze.. haha. So I’ll have to do my research. But hey, looks good to me.

Tim – I really liked the first Maze Runner movie and am a big fan of the book series. The Scorch Trials does a good job of evoking a lot of the same tone and mystery of the first book without really treading the same ground. Several new characters, both friendly and not, join the party and add an interesting dynamic. And hey, Littlefinger plays the Rat Man. I’m really excited for this.


Nate – I can’t tell if this is going to be a good movie for all, or just children. I hope it’s like hook, because that movie was awesome, but that may have been just because of Robin Williams. It seems like a decent cast, with Hugh Jackman and the guy from Tron. I will probably end up seeing this, but I don’t want it to be extremely childish.

Tim – I wouldn’t say that I’m excited for this movie, but I’m interested. I like seeing origin stories that we’re overly familiar with but now with twists that shake things up. I think the Peter Pan and Hook relationship is the most interesting part and could lead to future Pan movies as Hook becomes the notorious captain that we’re used to. Who knows… Even though this is a Warner Bros. movie, it feels like the recent live-action Disney movies like Maleficient and Cinderella. Here’s hoping it’s good.


Nate – I love Despicable Me, so I am pretty excited for this movie. I am a huge Sandra Bullock fan so that’s an added bonus on top of all the other big names in this movie. The plot seems simple, being a kids movie, but still very enjoyable for all. I don’t have really any worries. I’m excited for this one to come out!

Tim – I think that this movie looks great! The last trailer showed us the Villain Con concept, basically a comic-con for evildoers.This one shows elements of a heist movie. The minions are really funny, but when the movie was first announced, I couldn’t see how they could stretch that concept into a whole story. I was wrong. They’re really showing off the personalities of the three minions that they’re focusing on, Sandra Bullock’s character seems great, and I laughed several times. My kids and I will definitely see this as soon as it comes out.