Trailerpark Tuesday – SPECTRE, Good Dinosaur, Revenant

007 Spectre

Trailerpark Tuesday hits a day late this week because we’d received word that the new 007 trailer was hitting Wednesday morning. So here you go!


Nate – I think this movie has so much potential. I’ve really enjoyed all the Daniel Craig movies. He’s one of the best James bond’s I’ve ever seen! These movies seem to be getting more in depth than some of the other 007 movies out there. So I’m very excited for this movie! 

Trevor – They all have one thing in common and that’s James Bond! This trailer is interesting and mysterious and leaves you wanting for more. That’s something I haven’t felt toward the James Bond franchise for quite some time. I’m interested, I hope it’s great.

Tim – The James Bond movies are one of my favorite franchises, especially the modern Daniel Craig ones. I can get behind the old ones, but I can also recognize why a lot of people can’t get over the campiness. The Daniel Craig movies have done a lot to still give a lot of nods to the early movies while delivering a more grounded spy-action thriller. This is easily one of my most anticipated movies of 2015 and the trailer didn’t disappoint. It looks like we’ll get to learn about some shadier parts of Bond’s past, and Christoph Waltz seems great as the villain. Much like the Mission Impossible movies, I’m in as soon as I hear that iconic music.

The Good Dinosaur

Nate – I have been excited for him ever since it was announced. I love Pixar movies and dinosaurs… So this is a perfect mix for me! It seems like a great family movie, one that has a huge following like Finding Nemo. So let’s hope that it turns out that way! 

Trevor – The animation on this looks fantastic… all except the stupid main dinosaur that looks like a stupid version of the Sinclair gas station dinosaur. It also looks like it’ll be another of those non-talking animated films, which I struggle with. I have a hard time staying interested throughout and with a stupid looking dinosaur I think I’ll lose interest even faster. I’ll let my kids watch this on Netflix if they want, but that’s the end of my interest.

Tim – With the exception of Cars 2, I love the Pixar movies and I’m sure that this one will be just as great. The concept has changed since it was originally introduced. Early versions of the movie asked the question “What if dinosaurs had never gone extinct” and how it would affect modern society. So imagine riding dinosaurs to work and such. The story was scrapped when things just weren’t coming together in a way that satisfied the Pixar brass and now we have this story, still rooted in the non-extinct dinosaurs, but with Man still being a new species. It looks to be a “boy and his dog on an adventure story” but the twist is that the dinosaur is more like the boy (and yes, there is a voice cast of actors, just not in this trailer) and the caveman is his loyal dog. Looks fun and I’m sure it will have all the feels of a Pixar story.


The Revenant

Nate – This looks very interesting to me. It seems dark, deep, and very entertaining! It looks like an instant classic to me. I think Leonardo Dicaprio really wants that Oscar, and I sure hope he gets it! This is the first trailer so there’s not a ton to go off of, but I’m excited! 

Trevor  – This looks beautifully shot, it’s grungy, sweaty and messy. But I can’t tell what it is and why I should care. Maybe a mountain man fighting it out with the Native Americans? I think they’re leaning way too hard on DeCaprio to get viewers and not explaining why the audience should be interested. Hopefully the next trailer will give more information. It could be interesting, I just have no idea at this point.

Tim – I think that this movie looks great. My understanding is that it’s about a man’s survival in the dangerous wilderness after he’s abandoned by his hunting party. I like a good, epic history piece every once in awhile and I think that Dicaprio has grown into a fine actor. Looks rough and gritty. I’ll check it out.

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