Trailerpark Tuesday – Star Wars, Batman, and More!

Star Wars Force Awakens First OrderStar Wars: The Force Awakens

Trevor – There have already been 40 million views of this trailer since it’s release just four days ago. You’ve probably seen it many times already. I know I’m crazy excited about it. Here are a few thoughts I haven’t seen a zillion times since it’s release: Rey, a female protagonist, seems like she’s Luke’s heir to the Force. Here’s why I’m stoked. I’m stoked for all those times I watched Star Wars and they hinted that Leia could at any moment break out her Jedi skills and kick butt and we never saw it. This would redeem that for me. Here’s the second tidbit of information: The first desert scene apparently takes place on a planet Jakku. You can see how the Destroyer and other war-strewn land came to be early in December if you get the new Battlefront game. So if you’re crazy excited about seeing some back-story a little early, Battlefront is where you’ll want to be (this is verifiable on the ea games website:

Nate – This is the trailer of all trailers for me! Being a huge Star Wars fan, I will admit I was a bit worried about what Disney was going to do with Star Wars when they acquired it. But after seeing this trailer, all my doubts about how Disney will influence Star Wars is gone! Seeing Darth Vader’s burnt helmet makes me believe he still may play a role in the universe. I assume the cloaked figure with R2-D2 is Luke Skywalker, especially with the robot hand. What really excited me is seeing Luke’s blue lightsaber from “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, I am very curious to see how the lightsaber was recovered on Bespin. My personal theory is that Rey (Daisy Ridley) struck a bargain with a different “junker”, if you will, on the planet Jakku. Then somehow finds Luke and adventure ensues! We also get to see more of Kylo Ren and his cross guard lightsaber. I have always been a fan of this lightsaber even if that isn’t the most popular opinion. I look forward to seeing more of him in future trailers. We also get a good look at John Boyega’s character, Finn. It was confirmed that he is a stormtrooper (at least at the beginning of the movie). I saw the new stormtroopers up close at Star Wars Celebration, and they look very menacing. I think they are a great mix of the original stormtrooper and a new twist right out of the head of Abrams, let’s just hope they aim better than the original stormtroopers. Seeing the Millennium Falcon soar through what looks like the engines of a Super Star Destroyer made me remember how I felt when I first saw Star Wars! And, as if watching a “Return of the Jedi” type maneuvering of the Falcon wasn’t enough, we got our first look at Han Solo and Chewbacca. With Harrison Ford saying, “Chewie, we’re home” it makes me think that they somehow lost the Falcon, but only time will tell! Overall I am very excited to see where JJ Abrams is taking the Star Wars universe, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for more footage.

Tim – I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a couple tears watching this trailer. I love Star Wars so much, and I’m a big J.J. Abrams fan, so the two seem like a perfect match for me. This trailer just confirmed it’s level of awesomeness to the world. The tone and look remind me so much of the original trilogy but under a modern lens. Kylo Ren and the new stormtroopers look fantastic. The imagery of the downed Star Destroyer and such was fantastic. But when Han and Chewie showed up, I got choked up and had to turn away. There is no movie in the foreseeable future that I’m more excited to see.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Trevor – This could be really cool. An epic battle between some of our favorite heroes. The part where they’re portraying Superman acting all godlike is what makes this trailer awesome. It’s so different from most of the versions of Superman that we’ve seen in the movie history of Superman. I’m excited to see how this all comes about and what Batman does about it. I hope it’s epic. The amount of time they’re making us wait on this one is driving me crazy, I hope they make it worth the wait!

Nate – This trailer still has me super confused about what the premise of this movie will be. We see the focus seems to be about superman, but it seems the public is split in two. Half seem to be turning on him and the other seems to worship him. You do see the words “False God” on the statue of Superman that appears to be in Gotham. I get the feeling that Superman somehow goes mad with power, or somehow becomes the antagonist in the movie. We also get a very good look at the “Batfflek” and all his gadgets. At first I wasn’t a fan of him being cast as the new Batman, especially after his role as Daredevil, but I’m definitely warming up to the idea of it after this trailer. My favorite line in this movie is the last line, “Do you bleed? You will.” It’s so dark, powerful, and awesome! Unfortunately, like I said earlier, the plot wasn’t really defined and left me a bit puzzled but there is hope!

Tim – Batman is my favorite comic book hero, and Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are my favorite superhero movies. So I’m really excited for this one. I think it’s an interesting take on the Superman story to see public reaction cover such a broad spectrum. If a flying man destroyed our city and left billions of dollars worth of destruction, only to kill another superhuman being, we too would freak out a bit. So Batman can step up to protect this city/world from this potential new threat. I also like that they seem to be basing this version of Batman on the Frank Miller style. I can’t wait.

Jurassic World

Trevor – Alright alright. I don’t know if I’m “excited” yet, but I’m quite a bit more sold than I have been with previous trailers. It hinted before that the new dinosaur hybrid would be crazy smart, but getting to see it a little bit is cool. It may have been long enough since we’ve seen a Jurassic Park installment that I think I could be on board now. Especially with Chris Pratt taking the lead. 

Nate – This trailer has me very excited. I am a big Chris Pratt fan, and he seems to fit into this role perfectly. It seems to be the classic Jurassic Park premise, where greed and tampering with nature ruin things for everyone but then it gets flips upside down. That’s because this new dinosaur seems to be an evil genius. First: it learns how to escape, then it figures out how to remove its tracking chip and lure a security team into a trap, and eventually command other dinosaurs to do its bidding. This is something that I cannot get enough of, time after time franchises seem to stay with what’s safe. But here I see them taking the classic Jurassic Park, and throwing in all sorts of fresh ideas that make it relevant to newer audiences and familiar to the veteran fans! The action scenes we see in the trailer are amazing to watch and it’s cool to see that not all of the dinosaurs are being commanded by the genetically altered dinosaur. This is another movie that has captured my attention from the first tease.

Tim – I’m excited for this movie, but in a “summer popcorn movie” kind of way. I’m not expecting any real depth or something to talk about afterward, just some big, dumb fun. I really liked the original Jurassic Park movie, and the sequels had their moments. This movie seems to be following a lot of the original’s formula, but adding the twists of bigger dinosaurs and a crowd of park-goers. I’m really hoping for a climactic showdown between the new hybrid dinosaur and a T-Rex.

Fantastic Four

Trevor – I’m a little hesitant about this one. Some aspects look pretty sweet, others not so much. It seems like this is on purpose, but the part where every single person we see in the first half of the trailer look ridiculously nerdy seems very odd for a superhero flick. Sure they end up getting awesome or weird powers, but I’m having a little difficulty reconciling that in my mind. I’ll be there though waiting to be blown away. I hope this thing is fantastic!

Nate – Now this movie I am genuinely worried about. With the flop of “Rise of the Silver Surfer”, I am very worried that this reboot won’t be enough to wipe that terrible film from our memories. They do seem to be taking the entire movie at a new angle with our heroes as young adults. Watching this trailer, I feel like they are trying to be more childish than serious. Throughout the trailer there’s a lot of “Tony Starking”, like 20th Century Fox is trying to out-do Joss Whedon. But nobody can pull it off except RDJ. It does seem a bit interesting as far as how they get their powers and what the military thinks of them after the accident. But I am not very impressed. Nothing really jumps out at me to get me excited for this movie. I hate being the naysayer about a Marvel movie, but I believe that they should have left this franchise alone. It’s like the Spider-Man effect that Sony has created- too many reboots and sequels could kill the franchise. I am worried that this new movie will do that to the Fantastic Four. I hope that I will be surprised and amazed when I see this movie, but my expectations aren’t the highest.

Tim – Meh. I wish I could care, but the two F4 trailers that we’ve seen have been boring. I like the cast, but I’ve never really cared about the Fantastic Four. They’re too cartoony in every iteration I’ve ever seen. And in this particular movie, the ‘other dimension’ stuff looks pretty bad. Pure CGI and it pulls me right out. I want to be convinced.