Trailerpark Tuesday – Strain,Willow,Kombat

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Debuting this week: The Strain, Willow Creek, Mortal Kombat (game)


The Strain

Guillermo del Toro is involved, so my interest is already piqued. That man has an amazing imagination and the skill to actually see it realized on film. The concept of The Strain under any other hands wouldn’t interest me much. I’m so tired of vampires. But the main vamp in the series, the Master, looks awesome. Del Toro has said he took inspiration from early, creepier vampires like Nosferatu. So there will be no sparkling. The vampires won’t be romantic monsters sucking on necks. They’re parasites. I’ll definitely check this show out.
I’m still hesitant about this one, but this new trailer won me over a little. The parasite concept looks interesting and this trailer showed less horror type aspects to the show. I’ll watch the first couple and see if it flies at my house.

Willow Creek

This little indie horror was made by Bobcat Goldthwaite (Police Academy) and he has a tendency to do things outside of the Hollywood system. So the movie was made with relatively no money, and it shows. However, that can often be more effective for horror in my opinion. Some of the best horror is about the moments where we don’t see the monster. Rattling a tent or shaking a camera can be incredibly effective if done correctly. This is probably a rental for me, but with the lights off and the sound up.
I’m not big into suspense films, but this one I will likely make an exception for. I’m thinking it’s because it doesn’t look way bloody and looks like a fun take on a really old conversation. I enjoy camping and quite frankly after watching these trailers I’m feeling a little inclined to make a trek out to Willow Creek (if there really is such a place) and camp a few days. I wonder if the locals there really do have a stigma towards outsiders exploring Big Foot. As of this writing the new trailer (that we’re reviewing) was not working on YouTube so I included the first trailer so you have something to check out.

Mortal Kombat (game)

There’s always room for another Mortal Kombat in the video game world. I love video games, but I’ve always sucked at fighting games. I don’t have the patience (or desire) to learn all the perfect combos and count frames to pull off moves at the exact right time. But MK has always been more on the approachable end of the spectrum. There is depth for those that want it, but n00bs can also jump in and still make cool things happen. This reveal trailer seems to hint that weapons are coming back and there will be environmental destruction. We should learn more next week during E3.
While my daily gaming days are well behind me, I still really appreciate this. I enjoyed the original Mortal Kombat game a lot and I’m excited to see that this game looks surprisingly alike the original. Well, it has the original feel. You know, the one where they fight face to face and it’s a straight on face-off. When the occasion warrants, I will still shout a guttural, “come here” when the occasion permits. I’m excited to try this one out.


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