Trailerpark Tuesday- Strange Magic, Home

Strange MagicStrange Magic

Trevor – Looks like a cute, funny, very well made beautiful cartoon.. that seems to have a plotline similar to Barbie Fairytopia or something. It just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big mainstream hit to me. It seems like an odd film for Lucas Films to make, but my daughters will be excited about it and I’m sure it will play at my house several times. There were a few chuckles in the trailer, so it could turn out to be somewhat funny.

Tim – I don’t see myself seeing this one in theaters, but I’m sure I’ll rent it and watch it with my kids. Who knows… maybe we’ll catch a matinee. It looks like something they will love and I thought the monsters were charming and funny. I really liked when George Lucas and Lucasfilm did other projects like Willow, so maybe this will have some of that magic. Ha! That was unintentional, but it worked. I just hope the oldies pop music stuff is just trailer material and not part of the actual movie.


Trevor – This one does look mainstream and awkwardly funny. With Jim Parsons and Rihanna as the unlikely voice leads, I’m sure we’ll have some awkward social scenarios, but then again, that’s what we’re going for. This one looks like one I will likely take my kids to in the dollar theater for a fun afternoon out.

Tim – Another one that I’m not necessarily excited for, but I think it will be fun and the kids will like it. Probably another matinee movie. I think that Jim Parsons is perfect for the lead, and the way he delivers lines and puts words together oddly in a sentence was pretty funny. The movie looks cute, and I think the Dreamworks has been putting out qualities movies for several years now. They’re like the irreverent Disney.