Trailerpark Tuesday – Terminator Genisys, Vice

Terminator Genisys

Trevor – Well, Cortney told me that I have to start liking more trailers. So here’s what I liked about this trailer – 1. They’re addressing the difficulties and multi-dimensionality of time travel where they haven’t really embraced that before. 2. I really like that they chose Emilia Clarke to play Sarah Connor. 3. It looks like they may actually move towards an end to the war, whereas before it was a huge hopeless mess. I tried to watch Terminator Salvation twice and fell asleep during both. I did like Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles – so there are some things I’m looking forward to about this one. And for Cortney’s sake, I’m going to leave it at that. 😉

Tim – Allow Trevor and me to switch places this week… I couldn’t care less about this movie. Terminator was a great movie and T2: Judgment Day was amazing and should be considered a classic. But I had no desire to see Terminator 3 or Terminator Salvation. I just feel like the story was already told and that they weren’t adding anything meaningful to it. I think this movie has a great cast, but I just feel like it’s a “been there, done that” kind of thing. If it gets amazing reviews, I’ll consider it. But as of right now, I’m just not interested.


Trevor – First we had Total Recall, now we have Vice, later it will be Ready Player One – Is this one of those scenarios where a virtual reality in your mind is really something that science is taking us towards? Like the communicator from Star Trek, are we going to have virtual worlds in 20 years where we all lie down and escape the awfulness that is reality? I haven’t lost interest in this story-line yet, but I can already see a loss of interest looming. I didn’t care for Total Recall, but Vice looks pretty good. We’ve got robots involved and Bruce Willis. I’ll give this a chance.

Tim – This is a premise that I like, and I love love love Bruce Willis, even as the bad guy. But I felt like the movie lost steam and became very generic about halfway through the trailer. This looks like one of those straight-to-DVD movies that happens to star a huge actor. The fact that it’s being released to theaters in January also makes me think that the studio doesn’t have a lot of faith in it. Maybe if I’m ever stuck at home with the flu or something, I’ll consider renting it. I’ll bet a book with the same story would be better.