Trailerpark Tuesday- The Hobbit, Mockingjay, Mad Max, Walking Dead

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Trevor– It’s the last of the Tolkein movies! I’m not positive how to feel about this, but the footage looks good. The first few Hobbit movies haven’t been as war based as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This one will break out the big armies again and battle is going to commence. There are rumors flying that some of the epic deaths won’t happen in the movie, but at SDCC Peter Jackson implied that they are still going to happen so get ready for your heartstrings to be yanked on.

Tim- I loved the Lord of the Rings movies. But I didn’t love the first Hobbit movie. Just too much running and not a lot of character development. The last Hobbit movie was much better though, and it left me in a place where I was excited for the next movie. So I’m excited for the movie itself, but let’s just talk about the trailer for a minute. Regardless of your feelings on the movies, it’s a really well put-together trailer. Awesome imagery, but the song from Billy Boyd seals the deal. That song in the Return of the King was one of the most haunting moments, and it fit perfectly with this trailer. Well done.

Cortney- I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve been on record as saying these movies are too long and they probably should have only made one or two of them. But either way they are a fun experience in the theaters. This trailer seems a little dour and dark. I’m hoping the series ends on a happier note than what this suggest. Yeah, the book does have some dark things happen at the end, but I don’t remember being in a funk after reading it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1

Trevor- Ahhh, the Hunger Games. I like that this trailer is all about Katniss overcoming her fears and really shows the emotional trauma that she’s gone through. It makes me think that there will really be a lot of depth to the show. I’m excited to see this. I may camp out, even though there are reserved seating these days…

Tim- As a big fan of the Hunger Games books, I think that they’ve done a pretty darn good job of adapting them into movies. It do hate Peeta’s storyline in Mockingjay, but I never really loved him as a character anyway. Seeing Katniss truly step up as the symbol of the revolution will be great though. Definitely a must see.

Cortney- Finally, an official trailer. The teasers have been good but I’ve been waiting to see actual footage from the movie. I’m curious to see how they’re going to make the third book into two movies. This was probably  my least favorite book of the series, but I imagine it might be more exciting seeing the action on screen. The footage makes  me excited and I’m glad we get to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman a few more times. I’ll be there opening week for this one. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Trevor- If you’re into intense car chase movies, this one is for you. George Miller at SDCC last week said that the car chase is at the absolute heart of this movie. Don’t expect a lot of plot depth, but it will be a fun ride if you just sit back and go with it. The sequences look awesome, it’s fun because it’s kind of a post-apocalyptic state where the vehicles are all salvages from prior times. This one looks fun.

Tim- Hmm. I’ve never really been into Mad Max. Can’t really say why, they just didn’t do it for me. I’ll agree with Trevor that the movie could just be dumb fun, though. Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor (check him out in Warrior if you want to see how dramatic he can be), so I’m interested in the movie for him alone. But I don’t see a lot of depth here.

Cortney- Confession time: I know next to nothing about the Mad Max movies. I’ve never seen one before. Everything I know about them, I read in a recent Entertainment Weekly article. Having said that, the footage looks great. And it looks like this could be a fun ride. There have been rumors that this is a troubled movie, so I’ll probably see what the reviews are like before deciding whether to see this.


The Walking Dead: Season 5

Trevor- The question for me here is this: Is this Season 5 trailer enough for me to actually start watching The Walking Dead? I would say that it is not. I’m sure I’m gonna get haters since it’s such a popular show, but it just didn’t do it for me. The kill sequences where they actually stab or maim the zombies, don’t even look like they hit the zombies. The CGI is pretty bad. I’m not going to start watching yet, sorry guys….

Tim- You know… Trevor is a good guy, but sometimes he can be SO wrong. Who doesn’t at least try the Walking Dead? Bad CGI? Fake kill sequences? This guy… I don’t even know what to say. Granted, I can admit that there are moments (or whole sections of seasons) where I think, “Come on. Let’s get to something else.” But overall the show has been good, and the last half of season 4 led to some really interesting places and some of the best moments of the series. I thought this trailer was great and totally got me excited for the new season. Trevor, Trevor, Trevor… (Tim shakes his head in disappointment.)

Cortney- I gave up on this show a season ago. It just felt everything was so bleak and there were no rays of hope. Occasionally something good needs to happen. I need something to root for. This trailer doesn’t make me want to check back in. Seems like more of the same. I’m glad some people enjoy this show, but I think I’m done with it.