Trailerpark Tuesday – The Prince, Penguins of Madagascar, Exodus


Let’s talk about The Prince, Penguins of Madagascar, Exodus



The Prince

To be honest, this looks like a “Taken” ripoff. It’s got a larger cast including Bruce Willis and John Cusack, but looks like it’s a very similar plot. I can see why Jason Patrick would do this movie, but I would think Willis and Cusack would have some better options. I’m sure it will be action packed and a decent distraction, but I’m pretty sure I won’t catch it until it hits DVD or cable. I can’t imagine spending full price for this.

Here’s what’s throwing me off about this trailer, the title. I agree that this very much looks like a darker version of “Taken”. I had to watch it a few times and it seems like the plot is a little bit more involved than Taken, where this prince guy maybe killed the guy’s wife years ago and now has his daughter. But still.. This one isn’t at the top of my list to see.


The Penguins of Madagascar

This trailer’s been out for a little while now, but now’s as good a time as ever to talk about it. The best part of the Madagascar movies has always been the penguins. I love penguins in general, but these guys take it up a notch. Plus they’re bringing in my favorite actor of the moment, Benedict Cumberbatch. What’s not to like. I imagine I’ll be taking my kids to this one, and not complaining.

Ok this one looks fun. LOL, the cheetos bit. I’ll sit happily through at least the first half and my kids will watch it over and over again.


Exodus: Gods and Kings

I was a little leery when I heard they were making another Moses movie, but after this trailer, I’m kind of on board. It would be cool to see this biblical epic enhanced with the VFX available to filmmakers today. The cast is great and the look of the thing is pretty cool. I don’t know how they’re going to fit the whole thing into 2-3 hours but I hope they do, I don’t want another 4 hour epic to sit through. Assuming this gets good reviews, I can definitely see my family lining up for this come Christmas time.
The old Ten Commandments movie definitely needed reworking. Technology is right now where it can be done in a way that actually feels real. So this is pretty much as expected, looks pretty cool and could be a good story, but I’ve got to be honest I’m a little leery about Christian Bale as Moses. I just can’t see it and his gravely voice feels a little out of place the split second you heard it. I don’t know, on the fence for me.


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