Trailerpark Tuesday – Tomorrowland, Exodus, Before I Go To Sleep


Tim I’m really excited for this movie based on the pedigree alone. Damon Lindelof (Lost, Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Brad Bird (MI: Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles) have teamed up to create this original story surrounding Tomorrowland. As a huge fan of these men and as a huge Disney nerd, this is totally for me. It seems to be taking that original concept of the Tomorrowland area of Disneyland and showing us what a world could be like in such a perfect, pristine future. Or is it? This trailer is really just a teaser, so there are still a lot of questions. But I’m definitely on board.

Trevor – This trailer had me in the first 45 seconds. THEN I found out that it included George Clooney AND is based off of Tomorrowland from Disneyland! Feet first, all in. I don’t see anything in here that raises concerns. My only question really is how do you turn it into a movie. But that’s not a question that I need to answer, so I’m happy to ride this one out and see what they do with it. Hope it’s as awesome as it makes me feel inside.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

TimOriginally, I didn’t care about this movie. This seems to be the year of the Bible movie, and they’re generally not great. I don’t need a movie about Moses. But I think this trailer sold me. Christian Bale is a great actor, and this looks like the Moses story on steroids. Seeing the disasters wiping out Egypt (plagues, droughts, locusts) looks crazy. This movie looks visually stunning. I’m thinking it’s going to be a good one.

Trevor – We haven’t seen an epic Moses story since “The Ten Commandments” from years ago. I feel like this is another scenario like Star Wars, where when the first ones were made, maybe special effects technology wasn’t quite where it needed to be to turn it into what it could have been. I don’t know that the storyline here is enough to keep me interested, but I AM pretty interested in what the depiction of what ancient Egypt looked like. Also the part toward the end where Moses really starts to get a bit cocky makes me think this show could pull out some entertainment value. We’ll see on this one.

Before I Go To Sleep

TimHave you ever seen Memento? It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s about a man who had an accident the night his wife was murdered, and now he’s out to solve the crime. Except, because of the accident, he has no short-term memory. So the movie is told in reverse, from the last scene to the first. It’s a gimmick, but extremely effective in this case. Before I Go to Sleep seems to have several things in common with Memento, and that might hurt it. I’m interested in the premise. I love a good thriller, especially for Halloween. And the cast is strong (no pun intended). But it’s a story/twist that could work really well or totally burn itself to the ground. There’s probably no middle ground here. I’ll wait to hear more about it before I decide if it’s worth seeing.

Trevor – I’m in the same boat as Tim on this one. Feeling pretty skeptical about this one. It could be awesome, but it could be pretty awful. Love the cast and towards the end it looks like they could be doing some cool things with the plot. That will be what makes this one good, if they do something that makes this feel like a new movie instead of something that was just regurgitated. Either way, looks like a show that I would watch only once. Once the trick is revealed, there’s no going back.