Trailerpark Tuesday – Tomorrowland, Self/Less, No Escape, Mr. Holmes

Tomorrowland CityTomorrowland

Trevor – We’ve been waiting for a trailer with content for a while now. I’m glad this one came across the desk as one to review for today. Now we get to see some content, and it’s looking pretty good. I’m glad George plays a bigger role than “narrator”, which is kind of what he looked to be playing from the previous trailer. I’m excited for this show, it’s looking good!

Tim – Holy crap, the tech in this movie looks awesome. I love when the girl gets blasted off the porch. I have faith in Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird to deliver a great story, but the visuals in the movie look cool, particularly the technology in George Clooney’s house. This movie looks fun and I will definitely see it as soon as it hits theaters.


Trevor – As our technology continues to get better and better, it stands to reason that the fantastical creations that happen in movies will get more and more far-fetched. I like it. We’ve caught up to lots of the technology from the 80’s movies, now let’s move onto the next era with Self/Less. Only wait, there’s a moral problem with this method. I’m Intrigued. I’m not sure if it will be widely adopted by audiences. It may be a one-watch on Redbox movie for most, but I think it looks cool. I’ll pull out my 3 gallon refillable popcorn bucket and go watch this one.

Tim – I love the concept of this movie and it definitely has an unsettling, creepy vibe. The thing about movies like this, though, is that they tend to be really cool or total duds. It all comes down to how the twists are handled and if they’re believable in the context of the story. I’ve seen too many movies like this where the audience will groan aloud when things start to get crazy. So I’m crossing my fingers because it really does look cool, but I’ll remain cautious for now.

No Escape

Trevor – Is this supposed to be a depiction of what it could really be like to live in Asia when civil war breaks out? Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan together? That seems like an odd combination and while the story could be nail-biting, watching little kids risk their lives is not my favorite thing to do. I would be in panic mode the whole time watching this one. Not my favorite genre, but whatever makes you weird, right?

Tim – I was totally surprised by this trailer. I’d never heard of it, and the casting is odd, but it looks tense! I have a feeling that there’s not going to be many “catch your breath” moments, but I like that once in awhile. I need a little adrenaline in my life. I personally feel like having the family involved in this riot only helps the movie. Throwing a little danger at the kids makes the stakes higher. I’ll watch this.

Mr. Holmes

Trevor – Awww. This one looks endearing. I’ve loved all of the major Sherlock Holmes iterations that have recently been done, from Robert Downey Jr.’s rendition to Elementary to Sherlock Holmes of the BBC. I’ve been on board. I like puzzle solving shows, which explains why I watch a lot of crime dramas I suppose. This looks to be a great capstone to Sherlock Holmes life in an attempt to solve his own mystery. Plus it’s got Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock? I’ll watch this one, likely on a date with my wife so I get credit for being the sensitive young man that I am.

Tim – This is only a teaser, so it’s hard to know too much about this movie yet. But based on the fact that it’s Ian McKellan and Sherlock Holmes, two things that I love, I’ll see it. It seems like a rental to watch with some hot chocolate. Probably a slower mystery movie as opposed to the action mysteries that the Robert Downey Jr. versions of the Sherlock story have become. Sherlock is a hero for classy nerds.


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