Trailerpark Tuesday – Batman, Suicide Squad, Fantastic 4

batman-v-superman-trailer-750x400Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Nate – My view on this movie has completely been flipped! Before, it showed nothing as far as why Batman wants to kill Superman, or what was going on! But now, we know why Batman wants to kill him, we know that Lex Luthor is still a scrub, and I think that Batman and Luthor team up in order to find Superman’s weakness! But hey, I am for this movie now! I do have one concern… and that’s Wonder Woman. Why is she there? What is she doing? It’ll be interesting to find out more!

Tim – I’m really excited for this movie, but I’m a huge Batman fan. He’s easily my favorite superhero. And he’s not even that super. The scene with Bruce Wayne running into the destruction as everyone else was running away was great. I like the dark tone of the movie, and I think it’s an interesting take on Superman to look at the damage his heroics have caused. I loved seeing the Batman power armor and scenes with him swinging around with his grappling hook. I agree with Nate on the Wonder Woman thing, though. I’m interested to see why she’s in this movie. I hope that it’s more than just a forced storyline to introduce the Justice League. If she fits naturally into the story, I’m on board and I really like the look that they’ve given her.

Trevor – Woah. There is just so much information in this trailer! All this time, there’s been the vibe that this will all be an evil Superman and Batman will be coming for him. Yes, that does still seem to be the case, but it looks like we will get much more perspective from Superman than I thought we would. Of course, Superman will think he’s in the right. But I didn’t expect to be able to see his side clearly. Wonder Woman looks fantastic. This show just looks so much more epic on so many more levels than I thought it was going to. Which is really great news for me. The only downside I see is Lex. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor looks, well awful. I hope the show isn’t hinging too much on his performance. I’ll be in on day one.

Suicide Squad

Nate – I am so unimpressed with this… And I want to be excited! It just isn’t there for me. None of it really makes sense. And while Leto’s Joker looks insane, I still can’t seem to say, “Oh, I want to see this!” I don’t know.. Hopefully my view on this will change, but it’s just ‘eh’ for me right now.

Tim – Hmmm. To be fair, I liked the trailer better than I thought I would, but I wasn’t expecting much. I’m not sure that I’m sold on the Joker yet, and the other characters are a mixed bag. Croc looks dumb. Deadshot looks fine and the Will Smith story looks like it will be the one that makes audiences care. Harley Quinn has always annoyed me and still does. I just don’t know about all of this yet. I’m willing to give it a chance, and the tone of the trailer gave me some confidence, but I’m a little lukewarm right now.

Trevor – On the other side of the coin for me is Suicide Squad. There were so many people talking Suicide Squad at Comic-Con, but I’m struggling getting on board based on this trailer. The characters from this trailer don’t seem memorable. They don’t seem very intimidating or even very interesting. They played eerie music in the background, but it just wasn’t enough. I’m not sold. If you want me to see this as an epic summer piece, I’m going to need to see a reason to care before August.

Fantastic Four

Nate – I am still just not pumped for this movie at all. While it looks better than the first two, it just doesn’t look like it’ll be up to par with Disney’s Marvel movies! If you ask me, 20th Century Fox should cut their losses and sell everything back to Disney. I know that’s impossible because they are the big money makers of 20th Century, but I want great Marvel movies!

Tim – Meh. I’ve never really loved the Fantastic Four and the movies haven’t helped. True, this one looks better than the last two movies, but that’s not saying much. My big issue is the other dimension stuff. It just looks bad. And the trailer makes it look like we’ll kind of start and end there. It’s interesting that we haven’t seen much of Doom and he might be cool, but everything else looks so predictable and ‘been there, done that’. Like Nate, I want to get to a day where Marvel proper is doing all of their own movies.

Trevor – This one looks ok. This particular trailer shows Reed Richards as a kid, which is fun to see. What I’m most interested in seeing though is Doom. His character looks the most interesting and we don’t even see him much in this trailer. How they get their super powers seems to be a big emphasis in the movie and where I’ve seen the previous movie, I just don’t know that I care. I’m getting tired of repeating origin stories. But the action after could be good, so I’m hoping for that. I’ll watch this one in theaters, but I won’t be holding my breath. It’ll be a relaxing, don’t worry about it too much, watch.