Welcome Nerds of ‘Play!

Nerds of Play

Please welcome the Nerds of ‘Play to the ComicCon.tips family! Comprised of some expert costumers, you can expect to see some great costuming tutorial articles in the coming days. We’ve been considering for a while now how to help improve your experience here and get more value out of your time with us. Our next step in that process is to bring on this awesome Utah based cosplay team. For some in depth information about them, you can read their Meet & Greet article we posted yesterday:


Through everyday and every night
No cosplay idea will escape our sight
We’ll do them all and do them right
Beware our power, Nerds of play take flight!

We are a group of 5 cosplayers based in SL, UT that come together to create mischief, mayhem, and incredible cosplays. We do charity, events/parties, commissions, and adventures. We are:

Born, from what he’s told, on this planet. Never knowing if he actually fits this world. He has only ever come out at night to avoid socially awkward situations, and stupid people. A.leon Grey (Ian) flies through the night while reaching for the stars, and hitting every nerdy branch on the way up!

Born from the ashes of her awkward childhood full of hiding her video game playing and book reading geekery, Zabracus (Whitney) has been reborn into a mighty cosplay Phoenix who proudly flashes her brilliant nerd obsessions with the world!

Upon the Geeky mountain he waits. Upon the Geeky mountain he watches. Like the great Hresvelgr he will descend when the time is right. As the clock strikes 12 and the age of the geek is dawning. He spreads his wings and takes flight to shape the world. Now is the time of Booker Noir (Noah).

Tempered, trained and battle hardened in the depths of the abyss having fought many epic wars, resolving countless conflicts and always looking to rescuing the damsel in distress. In a twisted and warped domain, living and dying many over and over (*cough – playing too many videogames in the basement) the time has come; emerging with the knowledge and experience seeking greater adventures, the impossible quests… maybe a hand at world domination, hmm… sounds like a worthy challenge. Erar (Scott)

Ascended from the underworld to find a better purpose, Xyterra (Ashleigh) has submerged herself into the marvelous world of cosplay, where she can express her love for all things geeky and wonderful. From tiny, nerdy role player and video gamer to… well, vertically challenged geeky gamer/cosplayer, she soars through all the experiences she possibly can and will continue upward and onward.

Welcome to the Geekdom.


NoahNoah Biorge

In any town, in any country, go to any insane asylum or halfway house you can get yourself into, and ask to see the holder of the master ball. You will be greeted by Noah Biorge, and asked to choose which starter you pick. When not battling with his level 75 Mewtwo, Noah spends his time cosplaying, playing video games, fighting kaiju, and plotting to take over the world to summon his master cthulu. The NES controller was shoved into his hands at the mere age of 2, to save the princess, and now he’s off exploring other castles. Check out Noah on his official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bookernoir) and challenge him to pokemon battles whenever you run into him. Oh. And remember, booker is everyone’s favorite 😉



WhitneyWhitney Warnick

“One does not simply choose one cosplay,” at least, that’s what Boromir would say in regards to Whitney Warnick and her obsession with cosplay (more like, determination to do ALL THE COSPLAYS) and all things geek. Whitney is a level 23 nerd with a voracious appetite for RPG video games, and when she’s not hiding in her hobbit-hole with her best friend/companion/welsh corgi, Smee, she is out exploring middle-earth/Gaia/Westeros/whatever you want to call this planet we live on. She is a self-proclaimed film/tv critic, book enthusiast, foodie and wineo. Not just a hero in cosplay, Whitney volunteers much of her time in the “real world” as a member of Rotary International. You’ll find Whitney wandering around at comic conventions, frolicking through the mountain flowers, on our website here, on her official cosplay page (www.facebook.com/zabracuscosplay), or even in the Matrix. Say hello, be friendly, and make sure you have a pokeball around when a wild Whitney appears!


IanIan Payne

When he’s not off exploring the depths of time and space, Ian occasionally visits this rock we call earth. Between videos games and trying to understand this thing called “emotion”, he still finds time for cosplay. Unable to stop creating until he has finished them all, or death takes him. Ian also enjoys delving heavily into psychology and understanding the human mind. And even after 24 years on this rock he is still no closer to grasping the human species. He enjoys contemplating all things science and must always be learning something new, or else what is the point. He battles through the tedious tasks of everyday life awkwardly gathering experience so he can finally defeat Braska’s final aeon. Ian truly enjoys nothing more than intelligent conversation, and spending time with fellow nerds. Through these actions he found comic con and through comic con he found his equivalent of the Shire, no better place to call home. His combat experience and expertise on the rifle range will make him a valuable ally in the pending Zombie apocalypse, which we all know is a matter of when, not if. But always remember the enemy’s gate is down (https://www.facebook.com/ALeonCosplay).


ScottScott Potter

From a young age, Erar displayed a great fascination for the world around him. In particular, what made everything tick; from the electronics in his toys to the smallest of bugs. Consumed by this fascination, the constant desire to bring the creations from his mind to life and for fear of taking over the world Erar was introduced to the world of: video games, Si-Fi, fantasy, cartoons anime, and Legos. This only made it worse. The Si-Fi only provoked his wonder in robotics. Machines with the capacity to assist or destroy humanity. At a later age, Erar made the discovery of cosplay. From what he learned in those years he now channels the knowledge gained from the carpenter’s shop, the scholar’s lounge, the technology lab and the combined experience of his closest friends and family into a focused beam directed toward the passion of cosplay… that and to finding a way to move his consciousness into the grandest of super computers; reaching immortality. For now, Erar builds his cosplays; always looking to infuse animatronics into every costume. Secretly however he builds… builds his legions of robots… for betterment of the human race, yeah let’s go with that… (https://www.facebook.com/erar0x6)


AshleighAshleigh Kieran

Often mistaken as a Halfling or Ewok due to her smaller than average stature, Ashleigh Kieran will show everyone that even the smallest of beings can still wield the Master Sword. Ashleigh hails from the land of Californication and grew up cultured (ice skating, piano, violin), but despite these refined talents, Ashleigh was not satisfied, so she took up soccer and video games. By cultivating her inner tomboy, Ashleigh slowly began to train herself for the impending apocalypse (whatever it may be). Ashleigh has a healthy appetite for RPG video games (Legend of Zelda), making costumes for cosplay, and being your typical girl-next-door oddball.  Ashleigh has yet to decide on her choose-your-own adventure, but for now, she is content with rescuing stupid helpless princesses (who likely don’t even want to be saved anyway)! Look for Ashleigh wandering around in her own made-up fantasy worlds, at cons, and on her official cosplay page (www.facebook.com/xyterracosplay). And remember, always take a banana to a party.