Welcome Taryn Ficklin, Our New Video Wizard!

Did you see our music video of highlights from Salt Lake Comic Con FanX? This amazing video was put together by our new video producer and editor, Taryn Ficklin. Taryn came up with the concept, shot all of the video, and edited it from beginning to end. We’re excited to have Taryn join the ComicCon.tips team. We’ve got a few other plans in the works, so check back soon for more of Taryn’s work.

1 TarynTaryn Ficklin is a level 10 technomancer that can eat an unlimited amount of toaster strudles and has a love for cinematography, dinosaurs, space, anime, and anything to do with nerdy internet culture. Ever since he got his hands on a computer, he has had an intense fascination with them. Diving into coding, game design, video editing, and web building, he makes a great free IT pro for his family and friends. Although sometimes not right in the head, Taryn does his best to put all of his crazy ideas into a physical form. Whether it’s through writing, videos or art, he always finds a way.